AusProof is always looking for new products to design, as well as ways to improve existing ones, in order to assist the industry meet their operational needs while also reducing downtime and associated maintenance time frames.

Some of these ideas are internal from their Research and Development Team, while others are the result of customer feedback and requests. The release of AusProof’s latest accessory for their LED Live Line Indicator is a result of the latter.

The Dust Protection Cap has been designed for use on the stainless steel LED Live Line Indicator bullet, created with the aim of protecting the window within the indicator’s model and preventing dirt build-up. The goal of this accessory is to reduce the maintenance required to keep the indicator visible.

This new accessory has been carefully designed so that it achieves its purpose of preventing dirt build-up and protecting the LED from potential damage, while also ensuring that the flashing of the indicator is still clearly and easily visible when a coupler is active, ensuring safety is not compromised.

The Dust Protection Cap can be ordered separately in batches of three, or as part of the RS3362 assembly. If you would like more information on this new accessory including pricing and ordering, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local sales representative.