Leading global nature intelligence company, NatureMetrics, has released the first freely accessible tool for businesses to score their performance in nature stewardship. This comes as global momentum for businesses to consider their relationship with nature grows.

NATUREscore is a free maturity assessment tool to evaluate a company’s current performance towards nature-positive action, outline pathways for enhancement, and support planning and discussion. Companies are scored by a framework informed by current regulatory standards, existing guidelines, and industry best practice. Results are provided across six key themes: nature strategy, accountability, transformation, understanding, response, and education

Designed to complement existing risk screening tools, such as IBAT and ENCORE,  NATUREscore helps companies manage nature-related risks by highlighting strengths and, for those scoring lower on the spectrum, identifying opportunities for improvement. The tool supports better monitoring of nature performance across value chains and benchmarking activities between business units and functions. Additionally, it enhances internal communications, empowering sustainability managers to gain buy-in and ensure accountability.

The launch of NATUREscore will also enable NatureMetrics to gather valuable insights into the maturity of businesses across diverse sectors, with the goal of supporting and enabling more informed action for nature in the future.

You can access the tool today via the NatureMetrics website.

Pippa Howard, Chief Nature Strategist at NatureMetrics comments “As additional biodiversity frameworks and regulatory requirements have come into play – leading to a greater expectation for businesses to demonstrate positive action for nature – we’ve seen unprecedented demand from companies wanting to assess their impact on the natural world. This tool will enable any business to look at all aspects of their operations holistically, and pinpoint where they might need to do more in order to support a nature positive future for their operations and the planet.”