SRK Consulting has announced its selection as Consultant of the Year by Mining Journal, one of the international mining industry’s most highly regarded publications.

The accolade recognises the consultancy with the highest execution rate for new mining technical, financial, and business improvement studies between July 2018 and July 2019. More than 40 firms were considered for the award, including leading exploration, mining, and engineering consultancies. Mining Journal independently reviewed the public resource, reserve, and other project studies conducted by these firms, taking account of not only the volume and calibre of their work, but also the scale and value of the projects involved.

“For clients facing new mining challenges or seeking more efficient and cost-effective solutions to old ones, we have always aspired to be the consultancy of choice,” said SRK group chairman and corporate consultant Jeff Parshley. “Drawing on the extraordinary breadth and depth of technical experience in our global pool of 1,400 employees, we strive to add significant value to our clients’ projects by fulfilling their unique requirements. Our award honours the innovation, technical excellence, and hard work that have made many of our people world-class experts in their fields.”

This expertise contributed to another Mining Journal win: principal consultant Mark Liskowich of SRK Canada was the lead author of the prefeasibility study (PFS) for Denison Mines’ Wheeler River Project, which received the Best New Technical Study award. This recognises the mining project study providing investors and other stakeholders with the best information and insight into the value case underpinning the project.

“The Denison PFS introduces a mining method that has never before been applied to a high-grade uranium deposit, anywhere in the world,” said Mark. “It involves adapting technologies such as ground freezing and combining them with the in-situ recovery method of mining to suit the very specific requirements for extracting high-grade uranium from Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin. Based on the assumptions included in the PFS, the study’s economic analysis indicates that, even given today’s depressed uranium market, the Denison project would be lucrative if already operating.”

This year’s Mining Journal awards not only honour outstanding companies, discoveries, technical studies, and transactions, but also corporate stewardship in areas that include sustainability, gender diversity, and innovation.