SRK Canada is delighted to announce its merger with Labrecque Technologies, Inc. LTI specializes in conducting dynamic process simulations to help mining companies predict future performance so they can optimize productivity and avoid costly mistakes.

The modelling work takes a systems approach, with models accounting for interactions and interferences between all of the ore flow systems and mining equipment. Most projects involve studying ore and waste handling, lateral development rates, block cave development, construction, production, crusher and skipping capacity, truck ramp haulage and traffic analysis, and bin and storage facility optimization. By joining forces, SRK and LTI will broaden the scopes of their service offerings within the mining and minerals industries.

“Combining our shared passion and expertise in providing mining solutions enables SRK and LTI to offer mine design and operational improvements that validate and optimize production through dynamic mine process simulation,” said SRK Sudbury Practice Leader Gary Poxleitner.

“This increases mine operators’ and owners’ confidence in the mine plans we develop with them to refine and improve their economic valuations.”

LTI has already worked successfully with SRK on many underground mining projects in North America, the UK, Russia, and the Philippines. Most recently, the two companies jointly completed simulation work for North American Palladium’s Lac Des Iles mine in Thunder Bay, and together they are providing ongoing simulation modelling for the Goderich salt mine in Southwestern Ontario.

LTI President Pierre Labrecque said: “The demand for simulation through computer modelling continues to grow rapidly, and now that LTI will be operating as a business unit of SRK Consulting, we will be able to provide greater value to our clients by further collaborating with SRK specialists around the world.”

LTI has a decade of experience in applying mechanical and industrial engineering methods to mining. By building discrete event simulation models, it helps clients plan expansions, evaluate design and process options, identify and overcome bottlenecks, predict performance, optimize development and production schedules, and assess the impacts of incorporating new equipment and technology into existing systems.

Since LTI’s 2008 founding by Labrecque, it has grown to serve mining clients ranging from juniors to large multinational companies worldwide. LTI’s projects have involved mining operations from small cut and fill operations to large block cave mines with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 160,000 tonnes per day.

“Our clients rely on our prudent advice when making decisions that affect their productivity, costs, and safety,” said Poxleitner. “Integrating LTI’s simulation expertise into our existing global mining services will further our ability to identify and mitigate risks to our clients’ projects, optimize operations to improve their efficiency, and ultimately reduce costs.”