Mining companies rely on several pieces of heavy machinery and equipment to keep their operations going. If this equipment fails or breaks down, it can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost profits due to downtime.

The amount that a particular incident may cost will depend on a number of factors such as the type of equipment that has broken down, the size of the company and the number of machines that are no longer operational. However, a typical incident averages about $180,000.

Downtime alone can result in a loss of around $3,000 per hour, so something as simple as a flat battery can be extremely costly for a mining company. To ensure consistently high efficiency and productivity, you need a long lasting mining battery.

The VARTA Promotive EFB from Johnson Controls is first in the market for heavy commercial battery technology. The Promotive EFB is a real innovation. Designed for highest vibration requirements VARTA excels in all terrains of heavy commercial vehicles. Robust battery construction minimises the risk of failures and avoids breakdowns. The Scrim layer avoids the erosion of mass, while special glue makes the fleece resistant to heavy vibrations. Hot melt avoids broken connectors, combined with connector fixation in cell 3&4 to turn a weak spot into solid strength and minimize the risk of battery failures. With VARTA’s benchmark technology acid stratification is no longer an issue, thanks to the unique acid circulator and pipes with a decreasing diameter that use the movements of the vehicle to ensure a high acid density.

A battery designed to withstand heavy road conditions, VARTA Promotive EFB can help your business avoid breakdown costs through its unrivalled features:

  • Superior acid circulation for a longer cycle life: The unique acid circulator is a VARTA benchmark technology that guarantees better acid circulation and keeps charge acceptance ant highest levels
  • Energy anywhere: Promotive EFB will reliably power all electric devices and equipment on-board even when the vehicle stands still. Back on the road it’s fully recharged
  • EFB enhanced flooded technology for extra reliability: VARTA enhanced flooded battery technology with consistently high performance for highest heavy commercial requirements
  • Made in Europe: Assembled to highest European standards for best in class manufacturing quality
  • Highest charge acceptance for an extended cycle life. Extended cycle life compared with a conventional battery.

Superior reliability to supply your electronic devices with power, day and night, VARTA Promotive EFB ensures consistently high performance and reduced downtime for your mining vehicles.