We’re pleased to announce that we have recently launched our partner company KableX. We wanted to be able to provide an alternative option for the repair industry, that we were able to support through our expertise with mining plugs and accessories. Our partnership places KableX in an advantageous position that ultimately sees customers benefit from our technology.

What began as a sketch on a piece of paper, was later founded and registered in 2014. Throughout the design phase, an established and innovative research and development team has worked tirelessly to bring a completely new look to the current cable repair and supply industry.

Ready to begin service in 2018, KableX’s dedicated and patented technology encompasses new designs and concepts developed by KableX and AusProof for the industry to experience efficient cable servicing and repair. KableX is proud to be a smart cable company that allows our technicians to work closely with the end user and provide an alternative option to the current industry.

KableX workshops will work to all the same processes and structures, forming a lean and efficient manufacturing type process, ultimately creating a beneficial cost to the mines. KableX meets AS/NZS 1747 and will only use equipment and materials that are compliant to AS/NZS 1802, 2802, 1972, 1299 and 1300.

KableX has over 50 years of combined employee experience in the repair industry, with employees also involved in the formation of the relevant cable repair standards, cable manufacturing standards and plug manufacturing standards. Employees are actively involved in MEMMES, EXTA and Standards Australia. KableX will continuously look for opportunities to improve and increase efficiency in the industry.

We invite you to visit our dedicated website,