We have just commissioned no 2. Fractum breaker model 200 at the Sumitomo steel plant in Kashima.

Customer is Konoike a prime contractor within the recycling and outsourcing business.

Konoike has operated several Fractum breakers for more than ten years and the recent commissioned breaker is to replace an old Fractum breaker that was commissioned in 2005.

The last commissioned breaker was part of a package delivered two years ago.

The breaker job is to break desuplher pig iron and the previous has done this for more than ten years. Konoike intensions are to expand their business by offering new and modern methods to a branch that is dominated by traditions and old fashioned methods. Konoikes long experience with several fractums has given them the confidence that Fractum technology can bring improvements that at the end will give a better business for the customer – the steel works.

Our dealer in japan – Maruma – has supported us through all the years and is well experienced within the field of steel mill service.