Transport business Tranz Logistics has reflected on its fleet of Isuzu trucks, highlighting its bespoke fit-for-purpose equipment for the construction sector.

Tranz Logistics CEO Fred Mohammed said: “Tranz Logistics’ customised supply chain solutions are based on a strong customer focus ensuring we fully understand and fulfil tunnel logistics requirements.”

He adds that the company purchased 15 Isuzu 2017 FVY 240/300 auto models, and has ordered another ten. The Isuzu fleet has been integral for recent tunnel applications on the New South Wales WestConnex and NorthConnex projects.

Mohammed adds: “We’ve spec’d our trucks with fire suppression systems.

“If there’s a fire in the environment, the truck’s fog maker will activate, boosting vehicle operator safety while protecting the truck.

“Every piece of equipment we send into the tunnel is monitored with proximity detection – motion sensors on the front and rear to prevent incidents or accidents. We’ve got a five-way camera system installed, which is recording 24/7 so we can see the movements and what’s going on. It helps us monitor the area we’re working on, increasing safety awareness.

“The Isuzu FVY 240/300 auto models are fitted with Hiab XS 244/288 cranes with 12.5m reach as well as a whole array of levelling sensors, lift capacity sensors, and motion sensors. There’s also fall-off protection around the truck tray to ensure optimal safety access.

“There are also two emergency stop buttons, one in the cab and one on the side, so that if anything happens we can stop the truck as fast as possible.

“We’ve also attached work lights all over the place, on top of the deck, on the sides of the mirrors, a flashing strobe bar on the top. Our trucks are visible, and can keep everything lit up if the lights in the tunnel go out.”

Tranz Logistics started their tunnelling projects in 2009 with the Brisbane Airport link. The Isuzu trucks have helped them win multiple contracts in the infrastructure, tunnelling, rail and mining industries.