Sandvik has launched an updated version of iSURE®, its purpose developed excavation process control underground rock excavation software for providing instrumented face drilling rigs with the necessary information for optimized drilling and blasting. iSURE® works seamlessly with Sandvik’s i-series drill rigs, providing an accurate analysis functionality to improve the work cycle and process.

iSURE® (Intelligent Sandvik Underground Rock Excavation) software is a world-renowned computer programme for tunnelling construction and mining drill and blast process control. It helps produce data needed for optimizing the drilling and blasting cycle, capitalizing the accuracy of Sandvik’s advanced i-series rigs, being designed to be used according to the specific and diverse needs of the user and the specific application efficiently.

iSURE® 8.0

iSURE® 8.0 added a template-based drill and blast plan generation tool that takes in to account rock blastability, tunnel profile quality target and explosives used, however not forgetting designer capability to easily edit and tune the result based on the feedback of the drill and blast process. As before, iSURE® focuses on blasting design at the round’s bottom, as that is the point where blasting is most critical.

iSURE® enables drill rig usage and drilling process efficiency to be maximized, assessed and measured on a round by round basis. Counters of rig’s production capability, data of how well drilling was done versus the plan, realized face shape of the previous round, measure while drilling (MWD) data, achieved blasting pull-out, presenting scanned tunnel profile and data from geological interpretation are all available, providing valuable feedback that helps to fine-tune the rig’s behaviour while also acting as a learning tool for operators.

New extensive features with iSURE® 8.1

Sandvik’s avowed aim is to provide drill and blast professionals with an updated version of iSURE® each year. This is being done to reflect the constant changes that tunnelers face each day, as well as reflect Sandvik’s close and integrative relationship with its customers. As such, iSURE® 8.1 now includes an inbuilt three-day training program to cover steps from simple concepts to more advanced cases.

Metrics that matter

A key development sees iSURE® 8.1 having a toolset for specifically covering ‘advanced metrics’. This helps the user increase knowledge and reveal points of improvement in face drilling rigs usage and in tunnel excavation drill and blast process via producing high-level KPIs from collected rounds and respective design data. These consist of production, realized schedule and heuristics analysis of the data addressing the feedback received regarding version iSURE® 8.0. They are targeted to improve excavation (face drilling) production capability, plan future activities such as new projects and raise awareness when problems or difficulties occur. The metrics have been designed for both mining and tunnelling applications.

Empowered drill and blast

The new and existing features found with iSURE® 8.1 are designed to improve the entire drill and blast process through data collection. It will also hint if any rig adjustment is required, or if rig misuse is suspected. It shows the change in rock mass drillability, drill steel consumption, face shape after blasting and scaling, any operator deviation from the plan whilst drilling, and based on scanner data, the realized profile and production volume is shown. All that and more are available directly at the designer’s fingertips, resulting in improved production and productive feedback that can be assessed and built upon, empowering the entire drill and blast process.

iSURE® 8.1 is not the final development of this leading solution from Sandvik. New improvements and developments are planned based on further sharing of knowledge and experience with customers and drill and blast professionals globally. Currently iSURE® is used with Sandvik’s i-series face drilling rigs, the original Construction i-series and newer Bedrock-style i-series, TCAD+ instrument and bolting instrument.