Internet of Things (IoT) technology is a hot topic with growing applications in the mining industry. IoT is a coordinated network of devices and technology that communicate with each other to increase efficiency, accelerate innovation, and improve business insights. KSB Group offers four mining IoT intelligent applications that enable efficient and effective monitoring of slurry and non-slurry pumps, provides accurate selection of products for specific duty conditions, and enables easy and safe pump maintenance.

KSB Guard

KSB Guard is a comprehensive monitoring system for non-slurry pumps, including those used in mining. It allows users to remotely monitor pumps at any time thanks to continuous digital recording of operating data, such as vibrations, temperature, operating hours, and load conditions. This enables teams to optimize maintenance, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency. Data also helps optimize operating costs and provides the necessary information for accurate and efficient pump maintenance.

The KSB Guard can be installed in four simple steps: affixing the sensor unit, mounting the transmission and battery, attaching the gateway, and registration. With the set-up complete, users can monitor their operating system at any time, from anywhere using the KSB Guard app or web portal.


Choosing the right pump for your application is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions mining operations face. KSB makes the selection process much easier with its proprietary software program, GIW® SLYSEL. KSB application engineers use the software to identify the slurry pump that best meets the needs of the customer by examining key data points. GIW® SLYSEL calculates the minimum pipeline velocity to avoid sanding, predicts a range of recommended flow rates, and supports the pump selection process for the specified pipeline system. Software licenses are granted by request to active GIW® slurry pump customers only.

For pump wear analytics, there’s GIW® SLYsight. Using custom sensors at strategic locations, this technology measures the actual wear rate of a pump’s parts, including the internal clearance between the suction liner and the impeller, also known as the “nose gap.” GIW® SLYsight differs from competitor solutions in its ability to calculate the actual material loss rather than estimating the wear rate. The data is collected by the sensors as the pump runs and is shared through periodic reports. This enhanced monitoring system provides real-time data during nose gap adjustments that not only adds to the pump’s maximum wear life but also allows operators to make an efficient and safe adjustment while the pump is operating. With GIW® SLYsight, customers are informed of exactly which parts need attention, when they require replacement, and how adjustments can be made safely.


RAMSL stands for “remotely adjusted mechanical suction liner.” GIW® RAMSL is designed to improve maintenance procedures through monitoring and adjustment of the nose gap. Preserving a tight nose clearance is a crucial part of pump upkeep and should be performed weekly for severe duty applications with extreme wear rates. With GIW® RAMSL, nose gap adjustments can be done remotely at the push of a button. As a result, the mine site saves time and energy, improves overall operational efficiency, and increases the accuracy of the adjustments. This IoT technology takes remote adjustment a step further by reporting critical data, such as vibration readings and precise measurements, to the pump operator.

These digital solutions improve the overall cost of ownership for customers with monitoring and analytics. KSB has developed each based on feedback from customers and the industry, extensive testing, and machine learning. The IoT provides the tools you need to keep your pump running at peak performance.