The chance to interact with its clients face-to-face, to answer their questions in person and discuss how to help their site meet its goals, is something AusProof is always eager to engage in. With trade shows and events around Australia each year, and sales representatives travelling from site to site, AusProof makes sure the voices of its domestic clients are heard. Next month, from October 3rd to 5th at Buyant Ukhaa Sport Place in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, AusProof is excited for the chance to speak with members of the industry from in and around Asia at Mongolia Mining 2023.

Gary Hansen and Craig Fell, two of AusProof’s State Sales Representatives, will be at the Australian National Pavilion in booth F06, giving members of the industry from in and around Asia the opportunity to ask and understand more about AusProof and its range of products in person. Experienced in their fields, whether your site is above or below ground, AusProof’s representatives will be able to answer your cable coupler questions and help you find the solution you need to meet your operational needs.

Products that AusProof will be displaying includes plugs and receptacles from their low voltage aluminium and stainless steel ranges. Designed for use in Non-Ex operations, including open-cut and metalliferous mining, plugs and receptacles from the AES (Aluminium Extra Small) range are a lightweight and cost-effective low voltage solution. AusProof’s PES (Plug Extra Small) range of stainless steel plugs and receptacles are flameproof and suitable for use in mining, tunnelling, and commercial applications, including Group 1 hazardous environments. Both of these ranges offer products in operating voltages of 660V and 1,100V, with amp ratings of 60A and 90A available.

More than being available for inspection, these products can also be interacted with. Try the different release options of AusProof’s low voltage ranges for yourself, as well as learn about a key feature of the PES Range: replaceable flameproof paths. These replaceable flamepaths were developed as a way to assist sites in reducing maintenance downtime and associated costs in the event of flamepath damage. The replacement of a damaged flamepath on any of AusProof’s low voltage stainless steel products can be carried out on site, even underground, with no specialised equipment or training required. Able to answer any questions you may have about this process, AusProof’s sales representatives can also assist you with the product codes required for these parts, as they can be ordered individually and ahead of time, so you can have them on-hand in the event they are required.

Committed to providing the industry with high quality cable coupler solutions that are reliable, durable, and above all safe, AusProof values every chance it has to interact with members of the industry, both domestically and internationally. AusProof looks forward to meeting with members of the international industry, answering your questions and discussing how they can assist your site achieve its operational goals, at Mongolia Mining 2023.