Exhibited as a virtual event, this year’s INFUSION saw two shining stars bridging the divide – the new TracStar® iSeries and the DataLogger® 7.

The evolution of these product lines represents a significant upgrade not only in components but also in the application and capabilities of our fusion machines and data logging software.

“We believe these products will move this industry forward and take us on our next steps down the road of where we want to go,” said McElroy’s new Vice President of Product Development Geoff Koch. “These products have evolved by implementing advanced technologies and improvements based on the feedback we have received recently and over the years.”


Built on the success of the McElroy TracStar legacy, the next generation iSeries line of TracStar equipment takes the operator experience to the next level. The TracStar 630i, 900i and 1200i are integrated with the DataLogger 7 and powered by the new FusionGuide™ Control System. Three levels of machine control are available to aid in the operation from fully automatic to completely user-controlled. New operators are able to get up to speed faster and more experienced operators have the flexibility to focus on productivity. The most common mistakes when fusing pipe are setting drag and the shift sequence, and that’s why those functions are controlled automatically on ALL iSeries machines!

There’s much to love about the TracStar iSeries. Let’s dig into some of the awesome features:

  • A FusionGuide Control System with three levels of fusion control
  • New Perkins (Caterpillar) engine
  • System pressure raised over 3,000 psi for more power when you need it for ground drive, pipe lifts and other functions that use higher levels of pressure
  • Hydraulic hardline or hard tubing replaces hydraulic hoses (where possible) for a cleaner finish and approach to the unit; defined start/endpoints for easier assembly and rebuilds
  • New Power Control Module (PCM) provides heater control, heater power and communicates with other devices on the unit; built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is configurable and resettable if there is a trip
  • 7” sunlight-readable, touchscreen vehicle display provides more service and diagnostic information
  • DataLogger 7 tablet integrated into the machine’s FusionGuide Control System records each step of the fusion process for a complete record of every fusion on the job; operator can communicate commands through the tablet to the machine and from the machine to the tablet to assist the fusion process
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) bus systems allows communication between all devices
  • New indexer design with embedded sensors for collision avoidance to protect the heater, facer, jaws and carriage
  • Smart keypads replace manual hydraulic valves and are situated in the same location as operators are used to (for muscle memory) on previous models; provides feedback to operator by changing colors when certain items are engaged or disabled
  • Paddle levers replace toggle switches for more precise control of the indexer and carriage
  • Fully braided, nylon electrical harness and sealed connectors to protect wiring from abrasion and the elements
  • New cowling design and two-step feature on the vehicle give the operator the ability to fuse a tee on the machine without removing the carriage
  • Pipe lifts on the TracStar 630i and 900i have been moved from the carriage to the vehicle for robust mounting and heater/facer storage
  • Updated track motor design for better stability and traction on uneven terrain and slopes
  • Two new, robust, hardened controllers on the vehicle and the carriage
  • The price! The TracStar iSeries machines are only $3,000 more than their Series 2 counterparts if you order before Nov. 1 AND they include a DataLogger 7! (Remember: A Series 2 unit doesn’t include a built-in DataLogger!)


The DataLogger 7 builds on the success of the McElroy DataLogger which has brought great success and accountability to the fusion industry and to those who have adopted this platform into their business.

With the DataLogger 7, McElroy takes advantage of advancements in battery technology, processing power and integrated development with the TracStar iSeries to bring even more value to your business.

The DataLogger 7 is packed with a host of exciting new features:

  • 14+ hour battery capacity and a hot-swappable battery option for operators working long days; this offers more than twice the battery life of the DataLogger 6 (To all the fusion operators in the field throughout the world, you’re welcome!)
  • Runs on an Android 9 operating system with a more powerful and faster processor making it possible to run all of your business apps
  • Find My Device functionality
  • New hardware! IP68-rated rugged base tablet is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof and manufactured in the US to ensure robust supply chain and service channel
  • Hard keys added for easy navigation between applications
  • Large, sunlight-readable 7” display with best-in-class outdoor visibility and clarity; can be used with gloves, stylus or in wet conditions
  • USB 3.0 port for fast download of fusion joints; a power input for charging and a USB-C port.
  • Front-facing 16 mp camera with flash for great quality photos of your alignments, jobsite conditions, final beads and more
  • Battery compartment features SIM and SD card slots (The standard DataLogger 7 package comes with an SD card already installed for automatic backup of your fusion reports!)
  • New hydraulic pressure transducer is smaller, with rugged connector and CAN connectivity to the TracStar iSeries machines; includes a new cable for seamless connection to any McElroy DataLogger-compatible machine
  • Included with every iSeries machine; is also offered as a standalone package
  • Documents electrofusion, squeeze off techniques and pressure testing in addition to butt, miter, manual and sidewall fusion
  • Same 3-year warranty
  • Documents job, operator and machine details including GPS locations
  • Delivers more joints in less time with McElroy Optimized Cooling™; analyzes each joint to ensure adherence to industry standards in real-time
  • Easy, simple-to-follow guided workflow
  • Built-in video tutorials
  • FusionGuide™ graph for visual feedback in real-time
  • Ability to cast the display on a large monitor for training purposes
  • The price! More powerful, more productive and available now for $7,328! (This is the same price as the DataLogger 6 package until the Nov. 1 price increase.)

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