When you need to pump sand, an industrial vacuum system from IVAC is your solution. Industrial sand pumping applications are a true performance test for material conveyance equipment. Sand is extremely destructive to machinery, its’ abrasive nature causes problematic wear and tear to the inner workings, resulting in breakdowns and lost capital. When wet, sand becomes heavy and creates issues with flow, slowing transfer rates for standard pump systems. When dry, sand creates dust, making working conditions difficult or unsafe for project crews. At the end of the day whether wet or dry, pumping sand is a difficult task and requires a powerful, efficient solution.

The IVAC Team has accumulated extensive experience regarding sand pumping applications through our field work on contract projects and with consistent research and development. We encourage open communication from all customers as to benefit from their experience with our products and receive feedback on future upgrade/optimization possibilities. Dedication to adapting and customizing our systems for specific applications has helped IVAC earn our reputation of integrity and dependability.

Case studies – sand pumping applications

Over the years the IVAC Team has had the opportunity and pleasure to work with different clients all over the world. Pumping sand is a constant application faced by many companies representing the complete gamut of industry.

Golf course maintenance

Course grounds, specifically ‘sand traps’ need continual maintenance to adhere to the high standards of the patrons and official play regulations. IVAC units are portable and a complete trailer mounted system is able to perform heavy duty tasks without damaging the surrounding area. Easy and safe to use, our PV product line is a must have maintenance option for grounds care.

Foundries and manufacturing

Sandblasting is a stage in the production process of many goods. The sandblast media is in continual circulation, once spent it must be recovered and reused. Dust suppression is a serious consideration as OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline silica standard is an important new set of regulations concerning worker safety. Contact the IVAC Team to learn more about material transfer options that comply with updated safety concerns.

Water treatment facility maintenance

Water treatment processes are undertaken by all kinds of industries. Municipal treatment plants and nuclear power plants continually work with IVAC to pump their sewerage grit and sand filter media.

Rentals and contract crews

IVAC manufactures and sells our units all over the world, but did you know that we also offer unit rental programs and contract crews?

Rental programs – Contact IVAC today and receive a free consultation regarding your project. Once the particulars are specified an IVAC specialist will be able to identify the correct system and configuration for your application. IVAC helps to ease the learning process of unit operation with our library of ‘How to’ videos, Instructional manuals and expert advice. Reach out anytime you need information about troubleshooting or system optimizations.

Contract Crews – IVAC has Contract Crews available on call for customers who want the full service package. Let our Team handle any clean up requirements you may have and be secure with the knowledge that the project will be completed safely and efficiently. Pumping sand and any other difficult material is what we are known for.