This month, the MMD Mobile Demining Sizer Rig begins its long journey to Zimbabwe via The HALO Trust’s Headquarters in Dumfries, Scotland.

The rig is expected to arrive in Zimbabwe by June.

In preparation for its challenging and intensive anti-personnel mine clearance role, the rig will undergo final checks and preparation work, including training sessions, before being shipped out.

HALO has been demining in Zimbabwe since 2013 and has destroyed more than 60,000 mines; the Trust employs 350 locals and reports directly to the national mine authority.

It is anticipated that the rig has the potential to destroy more than 100,000 mines, supporting the government’s commitment to achieving mine-free status by 2025.

There will be a minimum of six people working with the rig: the Supervisor, Sizer Operator, two Plant Operators and two Deminers. MMD Service personnel will also be on the ground when the rig first begins operation, to ensure the unit delivers optimum performance.

The rig’s arrival has been highly anticipated by the local HALO team, and for MMD it will be an opportunity to finally see the fruit of all its hard work and years of R&D.