Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, will hold its annual Global ALLIANCE Partners conference on June 25-27 in Cannes, France. More than 250 Schneider Electric system integrators (SIs), industrial automation distributors, industry partners, technology experts and executives will work together to address critical industry challenges. Over two days of informative sessions and workshops, the group will collaborate on best practices and innovative solutions for empowering Schneider Electric industrial customers to convert their industrial automation investments into the profit engines of their businesses.

EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform. EcoStruxure delivers enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and connectivity for our customers. EcoStruxure leverages advancements in IoT, mobility, sensing, cloud, analytics and cybersecurity to deliver Innovation at Every Level. This includes Connected Products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics & Services. EcoStruxure has been deployed in more than 480,000 sites, with the support of over 20,000 system integrators and developers, connecting over 1.6 million assets under management through more than 40 digital services.

“Schneider Electric recognizes the unique value our SIs and technology partners bring to enabling our industrial automation hybrid customers to migrate away from a traditional control hierarchy to an actual plant asset topology and an asset-centric architecture,” said Jérôme Firmin, vice-president, Strategic Marketing, Schneider Electric.

“Their skills, experience and knowledge are instrumental to delivering our EcoStruxure platform and to improving how our industrial customers control their operations and business performance in real-time. This enables them to stop simply managing their operations and business performance on a month to month basis and start controlling it in real time—especially their most critical business risks and variables: safety, security, efficiency, reliability and, most importantly, profitability.”

More than 1000 partners in 64 countries provide Schneider Electric industrial customers with local expertise and the global support of award-winning products and services. ALLIANCE partners have in-depth product knowledge, which is proven through rigorous engineer certification programs. EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform. ALLIANCE partners also have access to a one-stop digital shop: a resource-rich, easy-to-use portal with comprehensive resources for knowledge-building and project development, available 24/7.

“Schneider Electric cultivates collaboration and expertise with its partners, including the current trend toward digital transformation, through its renowned ALLIANCE partner program,” said Pieter Venter, general manager, Control Software Solutions (Pty).

“Through dedicated events and training, such as the annual Global ALLIANCE Partners Conference, we can explore and collaborate on how to enable new levels of profitability for our mutual customers, driven by Schneider Electric’s advances in connectivity, cloud computing, big data analytics, mobility and other innovations.”

Co-development and sharing strengths are core elements of Schneider Electric’s ALLIANCE Program. A dedicated account manager is assigned to manage the partnership, and each partner is included in the partner locator to make it easy for industrial customers to find the right solution.

“ALLIANCE 2018 is the place where we come together to learn how to best help our partners thrive in the digital economy,” said Madiha Khalfi, ALLIANCE program director, system integrator channel, Schneider Electric.

“Our annual conference fosters easy, close cooperation, with tailored technical support and educational content to help our partners grow their expertise, acumen and business revenue. This year, we will focus on the Industrial Internet of Things, digitization and applying the spectrum of EcoStruxure offers to ignite our customers’ profit engines.”