The demand for mined goods is higher now than ever before. And with this demand comes the need for more mining equipment, including slurry pumps. As always, KSB is committed to its partners, and strives to fulfil the need for slurry pumps and spare parts. In big news for the mining industry, KSB recently completed the expansion of its white iron foundry in Grovetown, Georgia, USA.

Expansion overview

The foundry in Grovetown is the home of GIW® slurry pumps and is recognized as the largest white iron foundry in the world. In 2013, it was determined there simply wasn’t enough space to meet the needs of the company and its customers. The lack of adequate space caused disruptions in the pump production process. By 2018, plans for the expansion were fully approved.

The 140,000ft² expansion has a 72ft ceiling equipped with 12 cranes, which allows for the production of 1,000 castings — each over 12,000lb — a year. With its advanced systems, the new space can easily accommodate the production of large-scale slurry pumps from start to finish. It features three heat treat ovens that can accommodate 100,000lb each, a state-of-the-art shot blast system with an integrated crane, and custom computer numerical control (CNC) equipment with a multi-axis head to reduce setup time by 50%.

Enhanced operational efficiencies

With all the new additions and capabilities the foundry expansion provides, pump design and production efficiency will have a significant impact on the mining industry. First and foremost, the larger Grovetown foundry creates enough space to accommodate the production of larger and more efficient slurry pumps. More space means fewer bottlenecks in the production process and safer working conditions.

In addition to offering greater operational efficiencies, KSB is actively working to ensure all its facilities follow social and environmental best practices. During manufacturing, energy usage is regularly audited, so customers can be confident they are working with a green, energy-conscious supplier. With its white iron scrap buyback program, KSB also provides services to recycle materials and equipment.

Customer benefits

KSB is, as always, dedicated to its customers. The ability to produce larger pumps means KSB can provide more pump options to best fit customer needs. Increased production efficiency means shorter wait times for customers. KSB will continue to provide customers with the highest quality pumps, and the foundry expansion ensures pumps will continue to be manufactured from the highest quality materials in an environmentally conscious setting.

This expansion represents a significant investment by KSB Group, and all signs point to a resounding success. The new foundry creates many improvements in manufacturing and workflow, and these adaptations allow KSB to meet increased demand from the mining industry and continue to deliver high-quality pump products to customers.