Plastic pipe welding equipment owners and operators have spoken up regarding their needs in the field. Getting machine technicians familiar with the equipment, trained on proper fusion procedures, and operating consistently in compliance with industry regulations is of the highest concern. A skilled operator can bring dependability and efficiencies to the jobsite. While an untrained, or less familiar, operator can do just the opposite.

McElroy, the leader in thermoplastic pipe fusion, has tackled those concerns in a truly innovative way with the introduction of the new TracStar® 630i, 900i, and 1200i machines. Building on the trusted reputation and dependability of the TracStar line, the new i Series family of machines deliver a new level of integration and performance to help ensure every machine operator can produce reliably-made fusion joints.

A new FusionGuide™ Control System allows users to customize their level of software interaction while guiding operators through every step of the fusion process. Integrated technology incorporated into the TracStar i Series machines allow three levels of user control – from manual operator control to completely automatic, software-controlled operations. No matter the operator level, the software is designed to handle many common machine functions automatically – creating more efficiencies on the jobsite -and allowing the operator to focus on the job at hand. An integrated DataLogger® tablet automatically records the process for analysis and reporting – ensuring compliance with industry standards – before the pipeline is put into service.

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