Künz elevated the common RTG design into the 21st century with its product innovation, the Künz FREERIDER, presented in 2018. Now Künz is proud to announce, that the first Künz FREERIDER will be delivered to Kloosterboer’s location in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. The Vlissingen facility has a storage capacity of 1,700,000m³ where 200,000t of food and non-food can be stored. The container terminal has a storage capacity of 5,600 TEU, including more than 1,000 reefer plugs.

The scope of supply contains four semi-automated Künz FREERIDER 7+1 wide, handling one over five. In addition, Künz will deliver three remote desks. The first phase will start by end of September and covers the transport, installation and testing of the first crane, as well as tasks for the remote operation. Phase two will follow up with the delivery of the last three cranes in November 2019 and January 2020. Final handover is planned for May/June 2020.