Afri-Tech Mining Supplies, one of South Africa’s premier screen and filter cloth suppliers, has announced the opening of a new branch in The Free State, South Africa.

After a successful three years’ operating from their initial premises in Welkom the company has decided to move to new premises. Afri-Tech Mining supplies specialises in high-quality screen and filter cloth for use on linear screens, vacuum belt filters and belt presses to the mining, wastewater treatment and fruit industries. It is also the holding company of Afri-Tech Engineering, famous for the invention of the Afri-Tech Power Nozzle and Leiden Tracking Sensor.

Centralisation means expansion and superior service

After many years of operation, Afri-Tech Mining Supplies’ decision to open a branch in Welkom in the Free State was deliberate, as it not only expands the company’s footprint in South Africa, but the relatively central location of the branch has given Afri-Tech the opportunity to significantly decrease delivery time to centrally located clients. Ultimately, this means they can offer an even better service, something they pride themselves on and for which they have built an impressive reputation. The new Welkom branch has also opened up new markets in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Namibia. Says

Customer relations and production manager Gus Basson says: “Having this branch has not only increased our market share, but now Afri-Tech is able to pay much more attention to our clients in the central region – adding to the company’s commitment to constantly improved client relations and service.”