AusProof’s Research and Development team are always looking for the next problem to solve, the next boundary to push, in their exploration into the unknown in cable coupler design and development. With each new project undertaken, occupational health and safety, productivity, and other customer focus points play a key role throughout the entire design and development process. The drive to continue moving forward and never stagnate in research and development is part of the AusProof DNA. It is this drive that ensures that AusProof can continue providing the industry with the highest possible quality high and low voltage cable coupler solutions.

An example of this drive to design and develop to meet the needs of their clients, and assist them in meeting their operational requirements, is AusProof’s Fit & Go Adaptor. This product assists AusProof clients in two key areas: cost reduction and ease of operations. With a current rating of 800A and an operating voltage of 11,000V, it is compatible with AusProof’s 114BKA and 118BKA aluminium high voltage couplers.

Ideal for use in Non-Ex environments such as tunnelling and hard rock mine sites, the Fit & Go Adaptor is manufactured using aluminium whilst retaining its mechanical strength and durability. At a commercially attractive price, and in collaboration with partner company KableX, this adaptor arrives with pre-terminated leads, ready to be bolted onto your existing RMU or other operational requirements you may have. These pre-terminated cable tails are 1500mm in length, rated at 12.7-22kV, and are available in both 1202 and 2402 cross-sectional areas.

Specifically designed to make installation time quicker and easier, other features of the Fit and Go Adaptor include AusProof’s LED Live Line Indicator and handles to assist with good OH&S practices. One of the available accessories includes AusProof’s Slide Hammer, for the installation and removal of the phase connectors.

If you’re looking for a full solution that will assist in efficiency, reduce installation time, and offers savings on product maintenance costs, AusProof’s Fit & Go Adaptor is the product for you. For more information about this product, contact your local AusProof state sales representative, who can assist you with any queries you may have.