senseFly, the world’s leading producer of mapping drones, has extended its Always On service package to Canada, a move made to keep Canadian professional drone operators working and to ensure business continuity.

Businesses are increasingly professionalizing their drone operations, with UAV data acquisition developing in-line with this change, marking a move from using drones in pilot projects only to integrating the technology into companies’ business models and processes. To address the growing demand for turnkey solutions that come with professional grade service and support, senseFly has developed its Always On service package.

Available as a bundle option alongside every new eBee Plus drone purchase, Always On provides operators with an advanced level of professional support and peace of mind. In the event of a drone hardware problem, whether the result of user error, a naturally occurring event or a technical issue, customers can simply contact their local senseFly representative to have their drone replaced for free within 48 hours, no questions asked*.

In addition to 48-hour, no questions-asked drone replacement, senseFly’s new Always On service package also extends the eBee Plus’s limited warranty from one to two years and includes free scheduled services, as well as free battery replacements.

Always On was originally announced in June in the United States and has been extended to Canada due to increased demand in the region.

* Covers up to two non-warranty drone replacements within the standard two-year Always On service period. 48 -hour replacement may be delayed in the case of remote client location.