Denexco was founded in 2003 and initially specialized in excavation and landscaping works. The activity has evolved into environmental rehabilitation and civil engineering services as well as complex building projects.

Les Entreprises Denexco have a complete fleet of equipment, ranging from machinery to excavators, including a fleet of trailer trucks allowing them to carry out local and long-distance transport of bulk material.

Starting in March 2023, Denexco’s technical department decided to treat all diesel consumed on site with XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology in order to eliminate problems related to the degradation and aging of fuel. Indeed, until then they had to deal with clogged filters, damaged diesel pumps and therefore over-consumption.

XBEE, in just a few weeks of treatment, made it possible to clean the storage tank and the engines, solving all the technical problems.

Denexco has also noticed a reduction in diesel oil consumption, allowing them to also reduce polluting gas emissions.