• New additions to our IoT-enabled EcoStruxure Power architecture strengthens power management capabilities to improve operational efficiency and reliability
  • Latest Connected Products, digitally collect and manage data 24/7 with 2X more precision than existing energy standards to provide full lifecycle and operational efficiency
  • State-of-the-art Power Monitoring and Control Software provides unprecedented system reliability, multi-site energy management and delivers 10% increase in energy savings
  • Actionable insights from new EcoStruxure Advisor Apps & Services deliver proactive and predictive maintenance, tracking +82,000 connected points across more than 500 sites

Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced several new solutions to reinforce its EcoStruxure Power digital architecture for energy management and deliver enhanced value to professionals in the power industry, including contractors, consulting engineers, panel builders, system integrators and their end customers. EcoStruxure Power is part of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure architecture, an open and interoperable system architecture for building, grid, industry, and data center customers. It brings together the company’s industry leading connected products, edge control, apps, analytics and services into a connected and integrated framework for all areas of the power distribution and management chains.

Whatever the sector, all businesses today expect improved operational efficiency and a commitment that their facilities will remain operational and compliant with the latest standards and regulations. EcoStruxure Power leverages IoT and digital technologies to support partners in the design and build phase of construction and engineering projects to deliver at reduced cost and on schedule. With open integration, real-time operations and analytics, EcoStruxure Power delivers improved reliability, safety, and efficiency for customers across multiple industries.

At Schneider Electric’s Innovation Summit in Paris on 5-6 April 2018 more than 5,000 customers, experts and partners, can discover the latest developments and new applications of the EcoStruxure Power platform. Philippe Delorme, Executive Vice President Building & IT Division, explained: “The latest EcoStruxure Power solutions enable our partners and customers, to leverage digital intelligence along the entire building lifecycle – so they can unlock the full potential of their power distribution system.”

Innovation at three levels

EcoStruxure Power provides the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of interoperable and cloud-connected and/or on-premise technologies organized around its three core layers of technology innovation:

  • At the base level are an extensive range of connected products which are digitally empowered to collect and manage data for 24/7 connectivity, bringing enhanced intelligence and efficiency to operations. These include the new ION9000 and Easergy P3. The ION meter is the world’s most accurate power meter incorporating programmable capabilities, such as breaker monitoring and load shedding. The Easergy P3 Medium Voltage protection relay and its smart app are designed for simple configuration and safer installation and operation
  • The second level, known as edge control, enables superior real-time control of operations, either on-site or through the cloud. With the latest version of EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert 9.0 and EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operation 9.0, operators can manage and analyse actions and events on a future-proof IOT platform incorporating the latest innovations in terms of incident analysis and multi-site management with compliancy to the IEC 62443 Cybersecurity standard
  • At the third level are apps, analytics, and services allowing customers to make informed and timely decisions to ensure reliability, reduce costs and boost efficiency. EcoStruxure Power Advisor is a cloud-based service running regular system checkups, to identify configuration errors and power quality issues and subsequently provide recommendations. EcoStruxure Asset Advisor delivers predictive analytics through the condition monitoring of critical connected products. It’s unique combination of IoT and cloud technologies connected to Schneider Electric experts as a service enables customers to run more preventative, more predictive and more proactive maintenance operations. Today, EcoStruxure Asset Advisor is available as a 24/7 data-driven service for the French market, alongside three other service bureaus in US, UK and India who already provide predictive maintenance solutions. In 2018, EcoStruxure Asset Advisor services will also be launched in China and Czech Republic

As part of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platform, EcoStruxure Power is an open, IoT-enabled, interoperable architecture for all clients using low- and medium-voltage equipment. EcoStruxure Power delivers enhanced security, reliability, performance and compliance with industry standards. EcoStruxure Power leverages the most advanced technology in IoT, mobility, sensors, cloud computing and cybersecurity for Innovation at Every Level, from Connected Products, Edge Control to Apps, Analytics & Services. EcoStruxure™ has been deployed in 480,000+ installations, with the support of 20, 000+ system integrators, connecting over 1.5 million assets.