Roof support is one of the most important tasks in coal operations. Sandvik is therefore proud to launch the new Sandvik DO600 onboard solution, designed to meet the industry’s need for faster, safer bolting – the first step towards hands-free bolting.

Aligned with our focus on the aftermarket, the Sandvik DO600 series will replace a number of older models and is suitable for retrofit on existing units, converting current equipment to the most advanced bolting technology available. It will ultimately be provided as standard on all new mechanical cutting machines.

Compared to equivalent older bolter models, the Sandvik DO600 series is designed to offer up to 40% longer interval between repairs, 100% cost control with the “price per bolt” model and up to 30% reduction in operating cost.

Sandvik DO600 upgrade solutions come with an extended warranty, with ongoing maintenance provided. The conversion can be quickly undertaken by Sandvik skilled technicians, in the same time as a standard on-board bolter exchange.

The frame, feed and timber jack modules are designed for ease of maintenance, increasing production time. Available in different lengths and drill strokes, the new Sandvik DO600 series can accommodate a range of customer applications and preferences and is available with a variety of head plates, drill head types and inlet manifolds.

“Designed with future industry needs in mind, it will eventually lead to Sandvik DO600i – the intelligent enabler for measuring feed force, timber jack and drill head positioning, data logging, etc.”, says Bruno Reumueller, VP Underground Coal and Minerals, Mechanical Cutting, Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology.