Instrumentation GDD Inc. will be the only Canadian manufacturer of geophysical instrumentation to offer the possibility to purchase such an innovative system on the market. This 3D IP system in development will stand out in the world of geophysical industry with the ability to do quality control and analysis (QA / QC) of the data directly in the field for each of the GDD IP Receiver model such as GRx2 – 2 channels, GRx8mini – 8 channels and GRx8-32 – 8, 10, 16, 24 or 32 channels.

• Improve your data quality; higher 3D definition, requires less cables avoiding impassable features such as outcrops rivers, lakes, etc.

• Reduce your production cost; requires less staff and line cutting. The lightweight and portable two channels IP Receiver is suitable for difficult terrain.
• Merge data from multiple Rx and cancel the telluric noise from a remote station (GPS time required) with the GDD Post-processing IP Software.

Combine the new Multi-Tx mode of the latest digital Tx4 IP Transmitter, 20,000W-4800V-20A with the new Distributed Acquisition System (Multi-Rx mode) in order to increase the depth of your investigation.