If there is any characterizing in our production, that is customisation.

In our philosophy, innovation and customisation are strictly connected because it is thanks to our clients that we can detect which solutions are necessary to create progress in the market.

As a matter of example, one of our clients in designing and manufacturing drilling and foundation equipment contacted a Eurogomma event they needed a special and unique screening solution for a new application in the extension of a Paris subway.
In fact, the limit in available space in the contraction site demanded to screen two fractions on the same screen deck, one flowing along the other.

Of course, our answer was “yes, we can” and actually we could because we designed and manufactured polyurethane tensioned screen panels with 2.5mm non-blinding apertures on one side and with 0.3mm slot apertures on the other.

Since mid-2019, the system had been operating and granting the required screening efficiency with great satisfaction with all the parties involved.