CRU is delighted to announce the establishment of a wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) named CRU (Beijing) Consulting Limited.

This new CRU Group subsidiary obtained its license on 11 September 2017 and officially began its operations from 1 April 2018 after going through China’s regulatory process. This also represents a change in CRU’s legal status in China from that of a Representative Office.

CRU (Beijing) Consulting general manager John Johnson said “CRU has had a physical presence in Beijing since 2004, but this shows an even greater commitment to this country, our employees and customers. CRU’s Mainland employees currently total 34 in Beijing and Shanghai. Also, one added advantage for customers is that they can now pay in local currency.”

As further evidence of CRU’s commitment to China, CRU’s local office in Shanghai is expanding and will become a branch office of CRU (Beijing) Consulting Limited. News of the new location for the Shanghai office will be announced in August.