West River Conveyors recently completed the shipping and installation process of a 1,000ft overland conveyor system, specifically built to accommodate the large scale operations of well-known commercial aggregate producer Blue Water Industries.

The project required an enormous amount of cooperation between shipment specialists and installation technicians, as well as West River Conveyors deep base of professional expertise. As a leading producer of custom mining conveyor equipment, this unique project transported more than 35 years of experience and thoughtful conveyor innovations to the ground level.

Blue Water Industries in Action

Providing quality construction materials and aggregate compounds since 2016, Blue Water Industries is a leader in the production of sand, gravel, and crushed stone. With operational facilities in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia, the company has rapidly found success through its commitment to quality and quality assurance.

This rapid growth has led to the opening of 23 facilities since the company’s start, with new locations opening regularly. Cottageville, South Carolina was the newest location and required a specific type of equipment to optimize its daily operations.

Unique Challenges Defined

In need of custom equipment for their new Cottageville, SC facility, Blue Water Industries reached out to West River Conveyors in the spring of 2018.

In order to transport mined aggregate materials to a single location, Blue Water Industries needed a conveyor capable of transporting 300 tons of sand per hour at approximately 450 feet per minute. The custom design would require worker safety to become a top priority, as well as ease of maintenance and highly reliable machinery.

Although the project was straightforward on paper, two challenges were pivotal to the design of the conveyor. Not only did Blue Water Industries need a mobile piece of equipment, but the conveyor had to operate overland while maintaining stability.

With these obstacles in mind, West River Conveyors immediately set to work translating their mining experience to an aboveground context.

Big Projects, Powerful Solutions

After finalizing the specifics with Blue Water Industries, West River Conveyors took approximately four weeks to design the conveyor equipment and produce all custom parts. The blueprints for the system were based on the final heights of specialized concrete pads designed for securing the terminal equipment.

Adhering closely to the project’s projected timeline, West River Conveyors completed a belt audit, as well as a system walk-through to ensure all mechanisms were safe and in place at the time of installation. Review maintenance staff were on-site during the installation process and ensured the reliability and proper construction of the belt as the project neared completion.

A proven technology combo drive was provided and slightly modified to create a mobile and operator-friendly conveyor system. The drive, discharge, and takeup were put together all on one skid to save additional time and money. Instead of relying on a gravity takeup system that would need to be located further away from the drive, West River Conveyors used a horizontal hydraulic takeup for ease of access.

Utilizing a combination drive/take-up system to create necessary tension in the belt removed the need for counterweights and additional guarding. Without the gravity takeup mechanism, this 1,000-foot long custom belt could be moved to a new location without dismantling any terminal equipment.

The new overland conveyor system was an incredible success, saving Blue Water Industries over $100,000 in installation and operation costs. With a final price of only $275,000, the 30in-wide 1,000ft-long belt system stands as a monument to adaptability, ingenuity, and the power of customization. Augmented with two 50ft stacker conveyors, the system is clean, simple, and highly effective.

Overland Systems From West River Conveyors

As a custom conveyor design company, West River Conveyors has never believed in a one-size-fits-all solution. Our customers enjoy total flexibility in modifying established designs for their unique needs and reducing costs associated with retrofitting canned designs by pressing forward with new ideas.

Interested in learning more about how West River Conveyors can partner with your commercial operation? Reach out to us, we’re waiting to talk with you.