In mining, the lowest-cost producer wins. Becoming the lowest-cost producer requires efficient use of your assets and your people. Using technology to eliminate costs from your mining operation is a key component to how mining companies are chasing lowest-cost producer status.

At Ramjack, we provide a range of technology solutions designed to support the elimination of costs at your operation.

Reduce maintenance costs through real-time vehicle health monitoring

Ramjack has the necessary technology to interface directly with the existing on-board vehicle sensors on your equipment to convert the stored diagnostics data into a real-time vehicle health monitoring solution. If your equipment is old or not equipped with the sensors required, we can retrofit your equipment with the sensors necessary to monitor the key components for vehicle health.

Some examples include:

  • Connecting directly to the onboard diagnostics ports of your surface and underground mining to access important sensor information;
  • Retrofit payload monitoring solutions to increase right-loading activities and reduce the wear and tear on shovels, loaders, LHDs and trucks.

Improved work efficiency for your knowledge workers

With real-time data comes better work efficiency. Engineers and other knowledge workers at your mine can use their valuable time to analyze data collected automatically in real-time, rather than wasting it in-transit to collect the data from the instruments spread out around the mine.

Some examples include:

  • Geotechnical instruments and hydrological sensors connected to purpose-built data telemetry devices that can send important data to engineers without them leaving the office;
  • Combine data from geotechnical sensors and environmental monitoring devices to know from the surface when it is safe to send miners back to work and save hours of idle time in the process;
  • Eliminate the time-consuming surveying and stationary scanning of as-builts for tunnels and shafts by using drones and mobile mapping devices that are 50 times faster than stationary scanning.

Reduce the costs of poor safety practices

Accidents – even when no one gets hurt – are costly. Equipment damage and lost production are among the top real costs associated with accidents. Safety systems don’t just save lives; they also eliminate costs.

Some examples include:

  • Avoid costly equipment collisions by providing proximity awareness and EMESRT Level-9 collision avoidance for the mobile fleet at your surface and underground mines;
  • Eliminate microsleeps from your operation by predicting the risk of reduced operator fatigue using a ‘backed-by-science’, proactive fatigue management system;
  • Evacuate your underground mine at the push of a button, track where your miners are and ensure they’ve received their safety message – instantaneously.

Save money by not overspending unnecessarily

Technology has come a long way since its first introduction into mining. These technology advances allow mines the opportunity to benefit from using technology without the costs associated with major capital purchases or excessive operating expenses.

Some examples include:

  • Turn off your ventilation fans when you’re not using them simply by knowing where all your equipment and people are and only switching on the fans that are needed at the time;
  • Capitalize on new, off-the-shelf technology advancements in the cloud, for mobile devices and with the latest apps and software systems. It is no longer the case that only large mining operations are worthy of real-time fleet management systems. The off-the-shelf technologies being used make it easy for any mine to afford the benefits of real-time fleet management.
  • Implement technology using an evolutionary approach that guarantees a Return On Investment within one budget cycle through clever scoping exercises and flexible SaaS commercial models.