The world leader in stainless-steel weld cleaning technology, Metal Science offers a range of weld cleaning machines and associated products which have all been designed with ensuring that the most corrosion-resistant finish is achieved.

Using exclusively the process of electro-polishing, which is the ‘gold standard’ when finishing stainless-steel, these weld cleaning machines have the ability to match any finish, from 2B right through to mirror using market-leading solutions, the most comprehensive brush electrode range, including the largest brushes available on the market and whilst also being the safest option for user and environment.

Metal Science Technology utilises one third of the factory space to dedicate to research and development, ensuring that we stay on the cutting edge of the weld cleaning industry. We have already brought several firsts to the market such as our solution to fed brush machines (a propriety device with the ability to effectively clean MIG weld), the optional electro-polishing bath add on and the rigid brush electrode just to name a few.

Our products have more application than within the standard industry setting; artists such as Russell Anderson have shown the capabilities and the versatility of our product. His art and design practice is focused on whimsical kinetic sculpture, play and interactivity from small to large-scale, in both private and public settings. This has extended into playground design and manufacture of play elements. His latest works have been polished exclusively with our machines,

We are committed to continuing our constant improvement into 2018 and are eager to see what challenges the year brings.