Since beginning paint production in the early 1980s, A&I Coatings have transformed from a small local business to a globally recognized company, developing and engineering unique and high-performance coating systems for many commercial industrial applications all over the world.

A&I Coatings has the ability to bring fully customized solutions to the OEM and Steel Industry to meet the most demanding and challenging requirements for industrial coatings.

Partnering with major companies, A&I Coatings has seen steady growth in the OEM, mining, and vehicle body manufacturing industry.

Recent developments have seen an advancement in Epoxy Primers and Polyurethanes in the A&I Coatings range.

The Vitrephos 560 primer range is a full isocyanate-free coating.  V560 has excellent wet-on-wet application properties and ease of preparation for the topcoat.  V560 Primers are excellent for application year-round, with exceptional drying properties, especially in colder months.

Industry users are seeing a significant reduction in hours required to complete projects when using Vitrephos 560 primer. The primer has very good film builds and dries extremely smooth allowing for a quick turnaround time between primer and topcoat applications.

A&I Coatings’ recent developments in Polyurethane coatings have led to producing one of the most advanced industrial polyurethane coatings on the market called Vitrethane 650.

Vitrethane 650 is the first commercially available Isocyanate Free Polyurethane Coating and using patented technology set it apart from all other isocyanate-free coatings such as catalysed acrylics, modified epoxies, enamels etc.

Vitrethane 650 is not only a safer coating to use; with no exposure to harmful isocyanate chemicals, but it is also helping to reduce labour hours due to its high quality. Vitrethane 650 Isocyanate Free polyurethane has high coverage rates and presents excellent gloss retention to finish, once again a very cost-effective option for users, particularly on large-scale jobs.

When used with Vitrephos 560 primer, the V560 primer enhances the topcoat, it doesn’t take the gloss out and dries with a mirror-like reflection.

For the end user, combining Vitrephos Primer and Vitrethane 650 topcoat is the complete package, with ease of application and faster turnaround times all without any compromise to the finished result.