Chaos Maker, a newly developed double pendulum novelty, uses NSK precision bearings to uniquely exhibit the physical phenomenon of ‘chaotic motion’.

Chaos Maker will be on display at International Tokyo Toy Show 2019, and on sale later this year in September (planned). The novelty can be used as fidget/relaxation toy or even to create art when paired with long-exposure photography.

Chaos Maker Design Concept

As the name implies, a double pendulum has not one but two rotating joints. Swinging Chaos Maker’s double pendulum with multiple shafts attached gives rise to a mysterious and highly irregular motion unlike anything you would expect, hence the name ‘chaotic motion’. Japan-made NSK precision bearings are used for the joints, thereby achieving a silky-smooth motion with minimal friction.

You can customize the layout of shafts and joints, changing the length and weight, adding LED lights, and more to create a nearly endless variety of visual displays. Use your smartphone or camera and experiment with long-exposure photography to create vibrant and chaotic images-perfect for social media.

The Chaos Maker is the newest entry in a series of novelties and toys by NSK Micro Precision and partners. Previous products include the Saturn Spinner , Premium Gyroscope , and Bearing Spin Top.

Chaos Maker was developed in cooperation with Mitsumi Factory Limited Company and former yo-yo world champion, Takehiko Hasegawa, who also worked with the company on the wildly popular NSK fidget spinner (‘Saturn Spinner’) in 2017 and the Premium Gyro in 2018.