RPMGlobal has introduced a world-first, accredited, Carbon Literacy training course specifically for the mining and resources industry. The course will allow individuals to learn the key skills to actively contribute to emissions reduction and resilience development regardless of their role within the mining industry.

The Carbon Literacy course can be delivered globally and is suitable for anyone who works within mining or for suppliers to the industry. RPM took the initiative to develop and offer the course in furtherance of RPM’s ESG strategy to support the mining community with the necessary language and tools to be part of the transition to a low-carbon future. RPM’s launch of a dedicated, accredited training course also reflects a need in the market for an offering tailored specifically to the mining industry.

RPMGlobal Executive General Manager Advisory Philippe Baudry said: “it is important for people within the industry to take advantage of the opportunities of a net zero carbon future and critically examine options to reduce emissions.

“The mining industry is a large emitter of greenhouse gases making it critical to reduce emissions across the board. Mining is also within everyone’s scope three so there is a universal requirement for transparency and meaningful action by mining organisations to reduce their emissions footprint.”

RPM’s Carbon Literacy course has been developed in line with the Carbon Literacy Project (CLP). Their goal is to create an awareness of the carbon costs, impacts of everyday activities, and the ability to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.

Carbon Literacy Project Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy Phil Korbel stated: “’Minimising the impacts of mining on the climate is now a core concern across the industry. Carbon Literacy training is the foundation for mobilising staff at all levels to optimise their contribution to this vital task. That’s why it’s been so significant that we’ve been able to work with RPM to enable them to create the world’s first Carbon Literate course for the sector and we can’t wait to see the results.”

The course provides participants with the learnings necessary to identify emission sources throughout the life of a mine, understand climate-related risks, opportunities, emission reduction solutions and the role of mining in the low-carbon transition.

“Our mining training courses are where many people get their footing in mining and have been delivered to tens of thousands of participants. We want our people to be a part of the solution but they need to have a fundamental understanding of the issue so we expect our Carbon Literacy course will have a similar demand.”

Mr Baudry continued by saying: “RPM’s global ESG practice has enabled us to incorporate real-world practical experience and knowledge within the CLP framework to deliver Carbon Literacy training that reflects what we’re putting into practice every day for our mining clients.”

RPM has opened for expressions of interest for the Carbon Literacy for Miners course which can be accessed at