Xore, a Swedish company specialising in on-line analyzers for the mining industry, is now incorporating updated detector technology in their analyzers. The Boxray™ Compact and Boxray™ 24 analyzers will be equipped with the new detectors, starting February 2018.

”One of the strengths of our analyzers is that we can easily incorporate new technology as it becomes available,” says Mikael Normark, CEO of Xore.

The new detector is also available as an upgrade to all analyzers in operation, regardless of model or year of manufacture.

“The detectors we used until now allowed us to be 2-3 times faster than the competition, with the new model we will be able to improve speed and data quality even further. On top of that, the new detector has better channel separation than the earlier model, which also will improve measurement quality,” he continues.

Many clients will benefit from this improvement: processing plants that want to improve their productivity and mines experiencing declining head grades are some examples.

“We provide equipment that is market-leading today, but it will also be so for its entire service life as we can upgrade it so easily,” Normark says.

A lot of research is being done on analysis and control of processing plants but the success will still rely on accurate data delivered at a high pace.

“We provide just that, you can buy analyzer today that already meets tomorrow’s demands. That is a big saving in the long run, but online analyzers have a short return on investment anyway,” says Normark.