Being positioned to supply KoolKap® Down-Under bags used in a slightly different application in support of rehabilitation benefits for regrowth has been very rewarding, states PR Polymer’s COO David Seychell. Further saying, it’s our own philosophy and commitment in supplying an environmentally friendly solution of a non HFC Gas Bag which make the perfect connection in this application. David was very pleased for BMA Gregory Crinum to kick off the first procedural step of ‘Borehole Rehabilitation Grouting’ with a KoolKap® Down-Under Bag.

There were further benefits through customisation and development for the varied bore hole diameters from 100mm to 500mm. Given the 400mm and 500mm bags were not a shelved stock item and not required in a normal previous application, R&D was required in making sure the work could be completed. Being a local Brisbane based Manufacturer helped in the process to facilitate this new product range and demonstrated our capability in supporting new innovative products.

The preferred and proven bag for this application was our KoolKap® Heavy Duty (HD) Down-Under bags. With a dead weight holding capability of up to 1,760kg and the quick grip to load of only two minutes, the KoolKap® HD bags were the best fit for the application allowing each procedure of BMA Gregory Crinum grouting to be completed successfully.