In collaboration with the world’s third largest gold producer, AngloGold Ashanti (AGA), mining technology specialists Ramjack Technology Solutions (RAMJACK) announced in December 2021 the launch of its ‘Remote Operations Centre’ as-a-service for AGA’s Iduapriem Mine in Tarkwa, Ghana.

With an emphasis on improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), the collaboration makes use of RAMJACK’s Remote Operations Centre (rROC) in Johannesburg and is designed to optimise the performance of the mining fleet through the use of a networked organisation and real-time data generated by the mine’s existing Fleet Management System.

“At Iduapriem we are striving to achieve world-class mining operations and the rROC is one of the key initiatives to ensure we move closer to our goal. Together with our recently mobilised long-term mining contract, we are looking forward to step-changing our performance,” said Samuel Pobee, Managing Director of Iduapriem Mine.

“This is an exciting collaboration to utilise a networked organisation with our trusted technology and service providers focused on operational improvement,” said Marius Roux, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Iduapriem Mine.

Tebogo Mushi, VP Mining commented: “We believe that we can achieve bigger things when industry experts collaborate, and the team at RAMJACK has the experience and depth of knowledge to make this happen.”

The programme has been designed specifically to target OEE improvements by incorporating a process and data-driven knowledge transfer model, including both on-site and remote expert services to the mine. It includes 24/7 data analysis and operational support to amplify real-time decisions driven by a combination of data analytics, system optimisation and mine operations expertise.

“Effective use of real-time production and safety systems is a critical component to operational excellence in the mining industry,” said Mike Jackson, President and CEO of RAMJACK. “Having worked with the forward-thinking team at AGA for many years, we’re honoured to help bring this next level of efficiency to Iduapriem, and we look forward to continued collaboration with AGA towards achieving optimal performance from their technology solutions.”

Iduapriem has experienced notable improvements in availability, utilisation and operational efficiency, since the implementation of the programme three months ago. Further improvements are anticipated as additional insights and system optimisation opportunities become available