The AKA-SCAN 3D laser scanner is especially designed for indoor and outdoor measurements in industries such as architecture, process engineering, construction or product design. It transfers geometric and spatial information from the real to the digital world, to allow data usage for further analysis, processing, integration and documentation.

Typical Areas of Application

  • Design of plants into existing buildings (modernization, retrofitting,…)
  • Planning and documentation of equipment relocations
  • Checking accessibility, safety and collisions of equipment
  • Creation of building model as a basis for Building Information Modeling (BIM)


  • Direct export of height analysis and slice analysis
  • High accuracy in the definition of interfaces for pipeline planning and electrical engineering
  • Creation of 3D environments in your CAD program
  • Enabling a realistic project presentation through VR glasses
  • Archiving of the inventory data

Client Benefits

  • Efficiency and objectivity when collecting data on site
  • Minimizing human errors and data deficits
  • Enabling high reproducibility
  • Significant cost advantage compared to conventional methods
  • Reliable in the evaluation of construction
  • Reliable scanning in challenging environments, thanks to an extended temperature range
  • Photo-realistic representations
  • Virtual images (reality-like scan data)
  • Basic data for innovative 3D documentation
  • Simple visualization options through web-based solutions
  • Ideal basis for 3D modelling in existing buildings
  • Compliance with requirements: BIM model