Ramjack’s Artificial Intelligence Lab is a specialised service for any mine that has deployed technology systems. It is a service provided by Ramjack’s outsourced team of computer scientists, data analysts and experienced mining engineers who are dedicated to studying the data from your mine’s technology systems to identify and unlock bottlenecks. The rAIL identifies trends, unveils areas for improvement, and delivers insights significant enough to have proven ROI within one budget cycle.

Is the rAIL a good fit for my mine site?

Your mine has the communication network, monitoring hardware, and technologies to manage the way you’re operating in real-time. You’ve done everything you can to ensure full optimisation by implementing the latest technologies. But are you maximising the value of each system, not just how it is working for you, but how it is playing with other systems? If the answer is no, then the rAIL is a good fit for you.We apply dedicated data scientists to ensure that your systems are continually learning from your machine’s data instead of just landing in silos, without the deep dive to see how you can put it to work for you. The beauty of today’s technology is that, no matter where in the world you are, data can be made available in real-time for aggregation and analysis. That is where the rAIL steps in. Our analysts monitor your data remotely from our rAIL monitoring centre in Johannesburg.

How it works:

  • Systematic, scientifically backed view of your mining process to detect deficiencies and obstructions to optimisation
  • Comprehensive workflow analysis from operator and equipment, to full operational deployment
  • Applied AI models that build insights to predict and redirect activities for elevated efficiencies
  • Full integration with the rROC and your control centres that keep all stakeholders informed
  • Continuous learning builds scales of efficiencies and operational improvements
  • Collaboration for ultimate optimisation and ESG compliance

How is the rAIL different?

It is the application of data science and machine learning that sets rAIL apart from other AI applications – Ramjack provides our clients with a unique insight into how to improve their operations from a science, data-backed perspective that’s proprietary to their specific operations. It’s not specific to just one technology such as an OEM would provide.

It is an ongoing process of continual improvement, building upon previous iterations, constantly unveiling further improvements, to your technology landscape as a whole.  Your data and our rAIL is the most powerful tool your mine can employ. If you’re ready to leverage the power of your technology to its fullest potential, reach out to schedule a demo and learn about the impact the rAIL can have on your operations.