All eyes are Stateside this month, as the world’s first Fully Mobile Surge Loader begins final assembly.

This revolutionary concept is based on proven innovative MMD technology that has already been tried and tested on projects in Colombia and China. The Surge Loader has been designed to transform the way mines operate their truck-and-shovel fleets.

MMD’s manufacturing commitment for this project has been handled by several of the group’s facilities worldwide, with parts coming from the UK, South Africa, India, China, Australia and the US.

Installation and Service teams will be onsite to facilitate efficient assembly and commissioning phases, whilst providing dedicated support and guidance to the customer.

With such keen interest in the project from a number of departments, MMD will be providing a time-lapse camera link for key individuals to stay connected with developments and keep tabs on the build, wherever they are in the world.

This is just one of a number of additional value-added benefits MMD is offering its customers on collaborative large-scale installation projects.

Expectations for the Surge Loader to deliver increased shovel utilisation of nearly 95%, reduce OPEX costs and improved operator safety mean that the next three months are going to pass by with eager anticipation.