Growers and irrigation designers alike have long awaited an economical valve option that is ideally suited to flows in the 400-700gpm (90-160m³/h) range, where most 4in valves have too much pressure loss but a 6in valve is too expensive.

The all-new Nelson 4in 1000 Series valve meets this challenge and is capable of accurately regulating pressure across an even wider range of flows. The new 4in 1000 Series valve can be configured with either removable 4in PVC Sockets or a simple and cost-effective 6 x 4 x 6 wafer that installs between 6in flanges. Additional connection types coming soon.

In addition, a new tubing protection solution is the result of rigorous field testing in which valves were plumbed with protected and unprotected tubes and placed in areas with high coyote activity. The wire coil eradicates tube damage more effectively than a ranch rifle.