Getting good, reliable and abundant data from your mining assets is a significant step in the direction of gaining a full understanding of your operational ecosystem. Your mobile assets, such as your fleet; your fixed assets such as your crusher and processing plants; and even your human assets; these assets are all part of the colossal, well-oiled machine that is your operation. They are all communicating signals in the form of hard raw data, around the clock. The challenge is not only harnessing that data, but aggregating it and interpreting it to your advantage, to gain actionable insight.

Having the right expertise to assess and interpret massive loads of data that your operation is producing is a universal challenge, and not one that’s easy to wrap your head around. While visibility is helpful, and data reveals the reality of what is happening with your investments, it’s not the end game. Insight is only as good as the actions that come from it.

Seeing the need to fill this critical gap from data to action, Ramjack has pioneered a systematic approach to help mines realise full value from their existing technologies.

Starting with Ramjack’s Remote Operations Centre (rROC), we help mines capture all the data from their fleets, and leverage that information to improve real-time decision making and Short Interval Control actions.

This is proven to help mines:

  • Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Reduce operational delays & increased productivity
  • Reduce downtime & increased machine availability
  • Enhance data quality & improved trust in reported results
  • Improve safety performance & operator behaviour
  • Improve job performance & knowledge transfer effectiveness
  • Maximising sustainable and safe production is the most important strategic imperative for your mining operation. While technology is the key enabler to achieving the required results, getting your technology to work efficiently and effectively for you is a major challenge.

Successfully capitalising on turning real-time data into action, the next step is to realise value from vasts amount of operational data stored for future analysis.  AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become the buzzword of the day in mining as for far too long far too much data has gone either under-utilised or un-utilised.

Ramjack closes this digital optimisation loop using its own Artificial Intelligence service – rAIL – (Ramjack’s Artificial Intelligence Lab). Applying our unique, hybrid “human and artificial” intelligence systems and processes, we are able to aggregate the benefits of Short Interval Control (real-time actions) and Big Data Analytics (insights through machine learning and artificial intelligence) to maximise operational effectiveness and achieve your productivity, sustainability and health & safety objectives.

Ramjack’s rAIL service is an evolution of the rROC service. It’s an ongoing process of continual improvement, building upon previous iterations, constantly unveiling further advancements, to your technology landscape as a whole. It provides:

  • Systematic, scientifically backed view of your mining process to detect deficiencies and obstructions to optimisation
  • Comprehensive workflow analysis from operator and equipment, to full operational deployment
  • Applied AI models that build insights to predict and redirect activities for elevated efficiencies
  • Full integration with the rROC and your control centres that keep all stakeholders informed
  • Continuous learning as a foundation for improving efficiencies, operational effectiveness, sustainability and even ESG compliance as part of your net-zero transition.
  • Combining real-time rROC actions with the big data analytics capabilities of rAIL is the most powerful tool your mine can employ. If you’re ready to leverage the power of your technology to its fullest potential, reach out to learn more about how Ramjack’s rROC and rAIL service can elevate your operation.