The Indaba, the Mining Indaba that is, currently being held on the Southern tip of Africa in the City of Cape Town. Arguably, this is the biggest mining discussion being held in the world currently. Ministries and councils, politicians and investors, mining houses and governments all come together to discuss laws, policies, procedures, technologies and the future of mining around the world.

It is fitting that this Indaba is held in South Africa as the word itself is a commonly used South African word, meaning discussion or conference. One of the discussions that will be held will pertain to the environmental impact of the mining industry. More precise, the amount of water the mining process consumes and the impact this causes on groundwater levels and so on. Let’s face it; mining is important for the economy, social standing, upliftment and education. Afri-Tech understands the importance of mining and has made a conscious decision to develop new, cost-effective, reliable products that encourage good environmental habits, products that slot into current good practices of environmental care.

One such practice is the concept of waterless mining, now I hear you say: “Waterless mining? No way!” to be honest the # name is slightly misleading. Waterless mining refers to a closed-loop water system where water in the loop is constantly recycled. Afri-Tech has over the last three years been developing, testing and refining a cost-effective system specifically manufactured for the use of recycled water.

The Power Nozzle is an effective, simple design, manufactured in South Africa. A stainless-steel spray nozzle with a forced ejection feature that operates automatically through a timer, this spray nozzle can be used in several areas. Areas of use currently are; foam suppression, carbon washing on linear screens, carbon washing on vibrating screens, cloth washing etc.

In using a closed loop water system there is inevitably dirt, grit, twigs and suspended solids in the water that is pumped back to the process. These tiny bits of ‘junk’ eventually start clogging up standard spray nozzles, now if your process depends on having spray nozzles doing what they should, spraying, well then a clogged nozzle is not good. The Power Nozzle is a full stainless-steel construction with a forced ejection feature, this means that if your spray pattern is interrupted with junk, the nozzle forcefully evicts the plug and clears the interruption. The Power Nozzle will return to the set spraying position and repeat the process at set intervals.

For more information on the Power Nozzle or other products for your Linear Screen Vacuum Belt Filter or Belt Press, please contact Afri-Tech Mining Supplies.