SUPERflexy is quite a new product in the field of flip-flop screens and France is historically affectionate to the German technology in this sense.

The experience and technical competence of our French representative has demonstrated to the transalpine clients in that SUPERflexy has nothing to envy to longstanding screening technology.

We have been commissioned a SUPERflexy screen – model 1.0 x 4.09/flat deck/bolt down – by a client in Normandy to classify clinker under 8mm.

Our client has appreciated these important qualities of our technology:

  1. The machine is robust and all the components are very durable
  2. Screening is given by the torsion of the bars supporting the screen panels creating a consistent and constant elastic effect
  3. Driving power requires a low kilowatt consumption
  4. SUPERflexy in entirely made of galvanised steel (except the elastic components) and internally lined with stainless-steel plates to resist corrosion
  5. SUPERflexy works almost free of vibrations because the flip-flop effect is not created by a floating frame or by the motion of the screening unit but by the torsion of the transversal bars

We are very happy of this first step in the French market and we are sure that Jérôme will bring new clients to appreciate the qualities of our SUPERflexy.

Our compliments and congratulations Jérôme!