Vitrethane 650, A&I Coatings’ newest locally made Isocyanate Free Polyurethane coatings, are currently being tested and validated by Defence agencies in Australia and USA for use in aerospace and maritime applications.

The patent-pending technology behind Vitrethane 650 is setting it apart from all other Isocyanate Free coatings and Polyurethanes alike. Vitrethane 650 has been researched and proven for its novel technology on the global spectrum, making it a world first in its class.

Major manufacturing companies such as STOREMASTA: Dangerous Goods Storage & Lubrication Stations based in Tasmania, Australia, and mining services companies and other top-tier industry users are reaping the benefits of making the early switch away from conventional Polyurethane and Isocyanate Free coatings to Vitrethane 650.

Benefits not only include major health and safety benefits, but industry users are also finding it easier to apply with a lower odour in the paint rooms and spray booths, making it more pleasant to use than any other coating.

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