These trends are like the wind. It is nothing new, but it decides in which direction the weather vane is pointing. This weather vane is modern mining or 21st-century mining. The sustainability of our way of life depends greatly on its growth and direction.

What do these industry trends involve?

First of all, digital transformation, a goal set at the beginning of 2017, will help mining businesses achieve measurable results and allow for the optimization of mining operations. Changing and improving the internal processes and the flow of data are necessary for the sustainable future of the industry.

Secondly, it is imperative to invest more time, money, and effort in renewable energy research. Mining companies, such as AYMA, who already practice 21st-century mining and promote environmental responsibility, operations optimization, work safety, and job creation, must now redirect all of these efforts toward energy efficiency so as not to deplete the planet´s reserves or alter its ecosystems. Engineering and mining are fundamental for modern society and play an important and fundamental role in the fight against global warming.

Another important goal for mining engineering, especially when it comes to achieving any other goal, is improving its public image, not only among consumers but also among other industries and government agencies. Despite its undeniable contribution to the world economy, the mining industry still carries stigmas associated with topics such as environmental damage, destruction of neighbourhoods, alteration of communities, etc. Actions are currently being taken to change its public perception.

Although these are the principal trends in mining, they are not the only ones at play. Other aspects such as innovation are necessary in order to carry out these transformations, to create jobs in local communities, improve water management, and realign directories, which are all crucial for transitioning into the new future of mining. In addition, digitalisation and innovation will serve to attract new talent.

The good news is that the mining industry, which is fundamental for industry and our modern way of life, is making an effort to create a better future for everyone, and the winds of sustainability and digitalisation are pointing us towards a new era of mining.