To ship 2 factory new, CKD Komatsu PC3000 excavators from Germany to


Ex Works Düsseldorf, Germany



Job Specifications

Freightplus was engaged to transport 2 factory new, 270-tonne CKD Komatsu
PC3000 mining excavators, from Germany to Kazakhstan. The transport of mining
machinery was handled by our Europe HQ in Bremen and routed within our
network from the factory in Dusseldorf to the mine site in the Kostanaj region of
Kazakhstan. The scope of our responsibility was to expedite the most cost-effective
transport, with shortest transit time and least stop-overs.

Our crew in Bremen completed the door to door movement of both excavators,
from pick up at Dusseldorf to delivery at Kostanaj, in less than 30 days, via the
route with the least possible number of handling stops. The biggest individual piece,
weighing 32 tonnes and measuring 453cm in width, was most challenging to
maneuver but, thanks to our extensive experience from previous shipments in this
direction, everything went very smoothly.


Consignment was delivered in full, on time, and within budget.