A UK company wanted to thicken the effluent from treating hectorite and bentonite.

The company hired an SCTR1 test rig and 1in hydrocyclone for a 2-month on-site trial. The results confirmed that our 1in hydrocyclone would offer the greatest separation efficiency. This led to discussions about installing a hydrocyclone system in their process to deal with the filtrate.

The solution was for the 1in hydrocyclones to be packaged as a Radial of 5, 21-way 1in canisters. We also sent a similarly designed Hydrocyclone radial, to the client’s company in the US, earlier in the year. The canisters, which are bottom fed, are arranged around the central overflow collection vessel.

They, in turn, are circled by one underflow collection launder giving the client a very efficient, compact and space-saving solution.