The SX Series is the most versatile of our product offerings because there is nothing it won’t haul. When it comes to hauling and dumping, no two customers’ needs for side dump trailers are exactly the same. That’s what makes our SX series so appealing. We’ve brought our years of experience and innovation into developing these trailers, which continue to lead the industry in versatility and durability.

Details Make a Big Difference

The first SmithCo tubs had a flat floor and angled sides, which was a good design in our early years. Always striving to be better, the S series was designed with some improvements. The S stands for SmithCo and was our first round bottom tub which was used for over 11 years. The round bottom design allowed for better clean out when dumping, which set the standard for the industry. With the success of the S series tub, the SX series was born, which again, reset the side-dump industry. There were several design enhancements such as no center divider and radius corners. This made a great trailer into a trailer second to none.

Although the SX series tub is made to haul virtually any product, the capacity is limited. So, we listened to our customers’ requests for more volume. All of our other product lines have evolved out of the SX series design but do have limitations to what you can haul in them due to design and material thickness. Light products need additional volume to reach the payload demands of our customers, yet still have the dependability of the SX design.

Why the SX Series Stands Out

The “SX” series tub is considered the workhorse of our products. The tub design is built to handle the most adverse payloads. From rip-rap in construction to tree stumps, the durability of the SX tub is unmatched in the side-dump industry. It is constructed of AR400 material, making it a tough and durable product. There is no center divider and it has radiused corners, so the product has nowhere to hang up, making it clean out better than any other tub design. The SX series will dump to either the driver or passenger side. Our larger capacity trailers are usually limited to dump to one side only.

Because of the durability, various lengths, and axle configurations, the SmithCo SX series design is the most popular side-dump model in the industry. About 70% of the trailers we manufacture have the SX series tub, with anywhere from a single axle up to six-axle configurations available. The most popular design is the tri-axle, with many different axle spacings available.

Tailoring the Trailer to Each Customer

When a customer comes to us, we start with a conversation instead of a sales pitch. We take into account where they’re located, what product they’re hauling (and the payload they’re trying to achieve), and the distance to be hauled. Once we have the answers to those questions, we start designing a trailer. Customers can choose the axle configurations, from a single axle up to six. That attention to detail sets us apart from other manufacturers and helps our customers get the job done and get it done better.

Special requests and customizations are always on the table, too, from tires and wheels to custom colors. One memorable request was for a pink tub, in honor of the customer’s wife, who was a cancer survivor. Lead time for a side dump trailer is 4-6 weeks during our busy time of the year, but there are other times of year when we have trailers ready for immediate delivery.