Strata Worldwide is pleased to announce the IECEx Intrinsically Safe approval of the StrataConnect second-edition Miner Communicator (MC2). With this approval and certificate number IECEx ExTC 20.0006X the MC2 is approved for use in underground coal mines.

The StrataConnect MC2 (Part No. SCT-MC2-03) is an underground personnel communication and location tracking device that operates on the StrataConnect™ wireless mesh network – formally known as Strata CommTrac. The unit is designed specifically for harsh underground environments and provides personnel with two-way text communications, real-time location tracking, and both critical alert and response functions.

Communication messages include peer-to-peer or group texting, and can be sent between units underground or to the user interface at the surface. Users have access to a full employee contact list and the ability to create personalised groups. A full, hard-button QWERTY keyboard and large display screen facilitate fast and easy message reading and response.

Miner location tracking is continuously active. The units ping nearby communication nodes every 60 seconds for monitoring both location and direction of travel. Personnel can utilise the MC2 to locate fellow workers underground.

The MC2 is worn in a pouch on the user’s belt, and green LEDs on all four corners indicate the receipt of incoming messages. Red LEDs indicate an emergency notification. The device can also be used to send emergency alerts to dispatch if immediate assistance is needed.

Battery life ranges between 24 and 48 hours, depending on use. Recharging takes approximately four (4) hours, including the automatic update of contact lists which are done at this time.

The MC2 is available for delivery now and will be automatically functional on all StrataConnect wireless networks.