Xilinhe Coal Chemical Co., Ltd of China Energy Group (the largest coal producer in the world) placed the order on MMD China through Ningxia Coal Construction Company in February 2021 to help meet the mine’s expansion goals. This will see annual production increase from 3 million tonnes to 15 million tonnes per year. The mine’s estimated 652.92 million tonnes coal reserve is forecast to serve for a minimum of 39.5 years.

Temperatures within the mine can drop as low as -42.1°C during the coldest months of the year. MMD have machines operating in colder environments around the world, but this is one of the coldest within China.

Fed by trucks each Semi-Mobile Sizer Station features an MMD 1150 Series Sizer and a D7 Feeder, capable of processing coal at a rate of 2,200 TPH.

Manufacturing of the components has been a collaborative effort from several MMD facilities worldwide. For ease of installation, final assembly is being conducted on-site with prefabricated sections. The sizer stations are due for completion later this year.